To The Moon

Thank you to the millions of passionate teachers who inspire curiosity in their classrooms…lesson after lesson, unit after unit, year after year. We’re fortunate to have had many of you in our lives, and we can’t wait to see what the future will bring because of the work you’re doing today.

If you’re curious about exploring space (inside the classroom or on your own), here are a few shortcuts to the free tools in this video:

100,000 Stars:
Moon in Google Earth:
Tears in Space (Don’t Fall):
NASA Long-Distance Google+ Hangout:
Android Sky Map:
Google Search app:

Photo Credits:
Nebulae images courtesy of NASA, ESA, and respective academic partners.
Jupiter Moon images courtesy of NASA/JPL and academic partners.
ISS Image courtesy of NASA.
Chris Hadfield © Canadian Space Agency, 2013.
Denis Finnin © American Museum of Natural History.

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