CGI VFX Breakdowns HD: Project “I” – Technical Breakdown – by IXOR

Check out this cool making of for Project “I”, a full CG animated movie based on mythological and fictional creatures and characters. This Making of video is showcasing a brief demonstration of IXOR’s pipeline & tools.

IXOR was resposible for the entire CG production. Starting from 2D concepts, art direction, storytelling, mood development, cg creatures and dragons, realistic cg humans, digital enviroments as well as composting all the shots.

Music Track – “Thomas Bergersen / Nick Phoenix-Destructo-Extreme Music/2 Steps from Hell”

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Ixor has been accommodating in creating CG visuals for a broad spectrum of clients across a wide range of mediums. We are recognised as a leader in demanding CG creation for the past 7 years.

Our team of CG artists, compositors and programmers are capable of meeting each clients specific needs.

Ixor combines the dynamics of a small CG studio with infrastructure and experience to produce even the most technically challenging visual content.

The company’s CG artists are supported by proprietary software, such as Refamo a state-of-the-art network and monitor controller software and additional 3D plugins.

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