CGI VFX Behind The Scenes HD: “95ers” Episode #3 Indie Distribution

Check out Episode #3, which shows another insightful behind-the-scenes of the science fiction film “95ers”, by the talented Tom Durham! This episode takes a fun look at film distribution, indie style!

“95ers” is a ludicrously ambitious, microbudget, award-winning VFX-filled sci-fi feature film… now in worldwide distribution. This highly original time travel story, as well as the nutty against-all-odds tale of how it was made, has captured the attention of fans and underdog creatives all over the world. In this candid series, writer/producer/director/vfx supervisor Tom Durham takes aspiring filmmakers behind-the-scenes of this manic labor of love. Episode #1 is a fun overview with life-saving tips and inspiration for filmmakers. Episode #2 breaks down some of the zillions of visual effects in the movie, which include mograph, CGI, practical effects, and traditional miniatures. Episode #3 is a fun look at indie distribution. The 95ers universe was created by Tom Durham ( and James Durham ( (sci-fi and filmmaking, and new projects) (amazing music and sound design for indies) (the official movie website)

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