CGI Animated Shorts HD: “Pink Troubles” episode 01 – by Parasol Island

Check out this fantastically CGI animated short ‘Pink Troubles’ by the talented team at Parasol Island! It is the story of a lonesome flamingo whose morning routine is disturbed by an unforeseen cosmic event. See below for more info:

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Dino Figuera directed the piece with me being Co-Director / Producer.

Production Company: Parasol Island
Head of Animation: Philip Hansen / Philippe Stalla
Director: Dino Figuera
Co-Director: Philip Hansen
Lead Character Animator: Dino Figuera
Head of VFX: Paul Dreisen
Concept Art: Charles Bals & Simon Kopp
Lead Modeling : Bardia Afchar
Modelers: Dino Figuera & Leo Quensel & Khoi Nguyen
Texturing: Bardia Afchar & Luca Fiorentini & Wilfried Kaiser
Lead Lighting TD : Paul Dreisen
Rigging TD: Robert Joosten & Dino Figuera
Additional Lighting and Rendering: Bardia Afchar & Kay Poprawe
Effects TD: Leo Quensel
Compositing: Jonas Uebelin & Gregory Chalenko
Grading: Charles Bals & Fabian Grodde
Original Music: Jonathan Wulfes
Character Voices: Santiago Ziesmer
Voice Recording – Hesse Studios
Public Relations Manager: Bart Hendrikx

Software used: Maya for all things modelling, texturing, rigging, animation, lighting and shading. Rendering happened in V-Ray, compositing in Eyeon Fusion.

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