CGI 3D Animated Flim HD:”GLOW: KICKSTARTER” – by Patrick Cheh

Check out this awesome Kickstarter campaign for the 3D animated feature, “GLOW” by the talented film producer Patrick Cheh! Please help the world GLOW a little brighter by backing them in Kickstarter! Please visit:

Glow (3D animation)
Meet Aion, a wily, 16-year-old orphan with a talent for street hustling and artful dodgery: a true opportunist in search of that one big break.
Aion gets his shot when a chance meeting with a girl named Nanda leads him to discover something supernatural about himself: his heart can literally glow.
Freaked out and confused, the boy finds solace in the nurturing arms of Queen Ophemera, who takes an eager interest in his special ability.
Claiming he’s an integral part of an epic story and a promise of him becoming a true hero, she dispatches him to the dangerous land of Dresma on a secret mission to bag the most powerful living energy source, one that holds the potential to save the empire.
Success could bring him fortune and glory and maybe even Nanda’s affections, things he’d never risk losing just to uncover the mystery behind his glowing heart… unless, of course, the Legend of Dresma has a say in the matter.

Join Aion and friends as they embark on a mystical odyssey through Dresma, a hidden realm of enchanting power, dark secrets, and marvelous possibilities… all leading to an epic battle between light and darkness in which our hero must discover that bringing balance to the world can only start with learning to rekindle his glowing heart.

Patrick Cheh has served as co-founder and CEO of Interlight Pictures, one of Hollywood’s leading independent film production and international distribution companies. While at Interlight Pictures, 1994 — 2001, Patrick financed and produced eleven independent feature films, with total budget of approximately $100 million dollars, which have been successfully distributed throughout the world. One of eleven films, The Watcher starring Keanu Reeves, went on to become number one at the U.S. box office for two consecutive weeks. The film grossed over $75 million in theatrical and video in the States.

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