Video Central support several shortcodes that help you place video content on WordPress pages. To use any of the shortcodes simply insert the desired shortcode into any WordPress page.

To get the required numerical ID for $video_id, $category_id and $tag_id you will need to visit your /wp-admin/ section and either by editing the post or by hovering your mouse over the applicable video/category/tag post type you will see a numeric ID for that post eg. /wp-admin/post.php?post=47


[video-central-index] – This will display your entire forum index.

[video-central-single-video id=$video_id] – Display a single video topics. eg. [video-central-single-video id=32]


[video-central-video-tags] – Display a tag cloud of all video tags.
[video-central-single-tag id=$tag_id] – Display a list of all videos associated with a specific tag. eg. [video-central-single-tag id=64]


[video-central-video-categories] – Display a list of all video categories.

[video-central-single-category id=$category_id] – Display a list of all videos associated with a specific category. eg. [video-central-single-category id=64]


[video-central-view] – View – Display videos associated with a specific view. Current included ‘views’ with Video Central are “popular” [video-central-view id="popular"],  “latest” [video-central-view id="latest"] and “featured” [video-central-view id="featured"]
[video-central-single-video id=$video_id] – Single video – Displays a single video with a player eg. [video-central-single-video id=64]

[video-central-search] – Display the search results eg [video-central-search search=test].
[video-central-search-form] – Display the search form template.

2 thoughts on “Shortcodes

  1. Thanh Quang

    Hello, thanks for your plugin!
    The old version is very good. After update to the newest version, the video player size became small. How to fix?
    Test site here:

    Note: I have updated it one time and get error 500 due to server. I used ftp and dellete the plugin folder. => Install the plugin again. It’s ok, but a small problem: the video size too small!!


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